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We already know what to do with a baby bird found on the ground!

We already know what to do with a baby ...
© Uzbekistan Society for the Protection of Birds (UzSPB)
Across Europe and Central Asia, thousands of children have been getting closer to nature by leaving birds alone. The reason: it’s down to an understanding of “fledglings”, that crucial stage in a young bird’s life when—despite looking helpless and defenseless—interfering can actually be harmful.
Thanks to the 2017 edition of Spring Alive that has just finished in Eurasia, many spring fledglings have safely grown into “fully-fledged” adult birds, and contributed to gleeful experiences for many schoolkids. Earlier this year, we published advice on what to do if you find a baby bird on the ground, an often misinterpreted situation when it is hard to resist the urge to rescue. Our step-by-step guide and leaflet given out across Spring Alive events and schools informed when best to intervene or leave alone, under the theme “Don’t take chicks with you”. Note, in some (rarer) cases, however, a fallen “hatchling” or “nestling” may need to be rescued by returning it to its nest, setting up a makeshift nest, or taking to a local wildlife centre.
Through this work, children have had some unforgettable experiences that have allowed them to discover lots about local birds, as well as learning how best to “do the right thing” for nature.
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