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How can we REALLY prevent birds from flying into our windows?

How can we REALLY prevent birds from ...
Bird-safe window; photo: Ewa Zyśk-Gorczyńska
Spring Alive season has begun once again! After a break over 2018, we’re raring to get back into action and continue spreading the joy of bird migration to communities across Europe, Central Asia and Africa. With the new season comes a new member of the Spring Alive gang, the Sand Martin Riparia riparia, and also a new call to action: to stop birds from flying into windows. During migration season, birds fly huge distances to reach their breeding grounds. And as they do, they are much more likely to fly into glass structures that are in their way.
Soon you will be able to see and learn from our website Why do birds fly into windows? and most importantly  What you can do to prevent bird collisions?
We also keep encouraging you to look around for birds, observe those coming to us in spring and register your first observations of Spring Alive species on The more people share their observation the more we know about birds’ movements. Together we can create a map of migration!
The new season is full of activities you are invited to take part in, for local ones please contact your national Birdlife Partners to learn more details.  Also there are few international initiatives awaiting you: a video contest “Safe havens” as well as 3 part Facebook contest.
Just follow us and let’s make windows and glass surfaces in your neighbourhood bird-friendly!
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