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Here they are!

Here they are!
Mobile application co-funded by Erasmus+ project

…..the brand new,  specially-produced educational materials for preschool and primary school teachers, developed by the University of Gdańsk in consultation with BirdLife partner staff.
The resources including the mobile application are part of the outputs of the Erasmus+ international  project “Empowering Teachers and Pupils for a Better Life through Nature” and are specially adapted for each of 6 participating countries.
 Polish Society for the Protection of Birds together with five BirdLife Partners (BirdWatch Ireland, Czech Society for Ornithology, SEO Birdlife, Macedonian Ecological  Society and BirdLife Slovakia) and University of Gdańsk has cooperatied for over 2 year to deliver this huge pack of innovative materials.
 As a result, teachers all across Europe are now offered an unparalleled environmental education resource, tailored for classrooms and school grounds, entirely free of charge.
Moreover, from 2nd to 7th July this year BirdWatch Ireland had the great pleasure of hosting 60 preschool and primary school teachers for an environmental education training course as part of the project’s activities.
This was one of the most complex and challenging events that project partners have ever undertaken, involving teams of professional translators, practical birdwatching sessions and scientific analysis both of the novel teaching methodologies and the teachers’ responses to them.
The workshop sessions were conducted using a set of the above mentioned, specially-produced educational materials, developed under this project. 
The entire course was also professionally filmed, with a view to disseminating the contents to a much wider audience via YouTube, again entirely free of charge. 
Links for the educational resources produced in the framework of the project:
Mobile application:
CC BY 4.0 refers to all the above mentioned materials
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