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Goodbye chicks! Welcome adults!

Goodbye chicks! Welcome adults!
When properly approached, chicks become grown up ready to migrate, Photo: C. Korkosz
They are cute, irresistible and defenseless and yet they should be  (in most cases) left alone…  bird offspring that fell out of their nest.
This year most “Spring Alivers” have been truly surprised learning it is sometimes more beneficial for small birds NOT TO HELP them. So what to do and when?
Children across Europe, Central Asia and Africa have learnt to access the situation first and then to act depending on the chick’s condition and location.
If it appears to be a healthy looking nestling or fledgling, in a safe surrounding you should just leave it there.
To be always sure what to do please check our website here.

Thanks to the knowledge gained during this Spring Alive season which ended in November, a lot of offspring could grew up and took their first journey to the wintering grounds and be welcomed  by African children.
Join us next year for more exiting and useful information concerning birds and nature!
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