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Don’t you worry chicks!

Don’t you worry chicks!
Winner of the drawing contest
This year Spring Alive season in Africa was organized under the common message “Don’t take chicks with you” to teach children, their families and friends proper proceedings  with offspring happened to fall out of a nest. A great deal of school classes, outdoor activities, engaging events, plays or distribution of  promotional materials, educating about the suitable behaviour in such situation, took place in Africa.
To stress and memorize the lessons learnt from the season, a drawing contest for children was announced where entrants were asked to submit a handmade drawing or painting showing how one should proceed with an encountered nestling or fledgling that fell out of its nest with accordance to guidelines provided in the framework of the 2017 Spring Alive leading theme.
And we are happy to present you with the lovely results of the contest and announce the winners!
1 place: Reginald Osabu Mensah, age 16 from Ghana
2 place: Abongile Mbatha, age 9 from South Africa
3 place: Lusando Soko,  age 12 from South Africa
Having reviewed all the works submitted to the contest, not only made the jury realized  how skilled the authors were  but also convinced the judges that neither hatchlings, nor nestlings or fledglings should worry if they leave their nest unintentionally. The kids will know what to do!
The first place winnnig artwork
The second place winnnig artwork
The third place winnnig artwork
Congratulations to the winner and thank you to all of the participating authors!
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