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To the start of Spring Alive in Africa
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How to participate? Taking part in Spring Alive is simple and fun.
The Spring Alive project is a simple birdwatching survey. All you need to do is register your first sightings of Swallow, Cuckoo, Swift, White Stork and Bee-eater on-line every year.
top 10 countries
1. Росси́я
6. Armenia
2. Italia
7. Polska
3. Ireland
8. España
4. Беларусь
9. Lithuania
5. Česká republika
10. България
TOP 10 versus population
1. Ireland
6. Беларусь
2. Italia
7. Česká republika
3. Armenia
8. Македонија
4. Росси́я
9. Slovenija
5. Lithuania
10. Latvija
Results - species
White Stork
Barn Swallow
Do Storks Really Eat ...
They do but their diet is, in fact, more diverse. White storks depend on wet meadows and river ...
Dear Spring Alive Participant, For the First Time Ever – Spring Alive (Team) FilmBrood parasitism
Birds - species
White Storks are tall, long-necked wading birds with long red legs and a straight, pointed red bill. The white plumage of the head, neck and body contrasts with the black wing feathers highlighted ...
Swallows are small birds with dark backs glittering with blue, rust-coloured throats, white bellies and long forked, streamer-like tails. When it flies, it can look totally black – it’s easiest to ...
The Swift is sooty brown all over, but against the sky it appears black. It has long, scythe-like wings and a short, forked tail. You could mistake it for a Swallow – but Swifts don’t bend ...
Cuckoo is a Dove-sized bird with ash-grey upper parts and dark-barred white belly. Cuckoos are very hard to spot. If you do manage to see a Cuckoo, you will probably see it as a dark, streamlined ...
Bee-eaterBee-eater is one of the most colorful birds in Europe. A bottom of its body is blue-green and on a top you can mainly see red and orange although there are some green and blue shades ...
Spring diary
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