Bird-friendly School Ground – Plant Containers

Bird-friendly School Ground – Plant ...
Plant containers are ideal where tarmac or concrete prevails.
Plant containers are ideal for growing plants in school grounds where tarmac or concrete prevails. You can hang them on walls or windowsills; put them at base of walls, or on any hard areas. Containers are probably most valuable for growing nectar-rich plants to attract insects (especially butterflies and bees). Some containers can be designed and built to suit particular locations.
Designs should consider:
• Appropriate materials  (exposure to weather and damp soil)
• Dimensions (large enough to avoid frost damage to roots)
• Support
• Drainage
• Ease of transport
• Maintenance (watering, feeding, replanting and renewing compost)
To attract butterflies, group several containers together. One square meter is considered the effective minimum. A butterfly garden is a source of much beauty and learning opportunities.
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