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Spring Alive is an international project
to encourage children's interest in nature and the conservation of migratory birds and to get them to take action for birds and other wildlife as well as to participate in events organized by BirdLife Partners...

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Bird-friendly school ...
Bird-friendly school ground - Planting your school grounds
The more varied you can make your school grounds, the more attractive they will be to wildlife. Including shrubs, a hedge, climbers and trees will create habitats to ...
It’s Time for a ...
It’s Time for a Spring Show on Bird TV!
Turn on our Bird TV and you will have an opportunity of participating in fascinating experience of watching everyday life of White Storks! You can easily follow the birds’ ...
Bird-friendly School ...
Bird-friendly School Ground – Plant Containers
Plant containers are ideal for growing plants in school grounds where tarmac or concrete prevails. You can hang them on walls or windowsills; put them at base of walls, or ...
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