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Over three hundred young artists from six African countries (South Africa, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Zambia, Botswana and Nigeria) sent their drawings to the Spring Alive contest “How Can I Help Birds?”.  Fortunately no fewer than nine of them were meant to be awarded and thus jury decided the three tops 3 look as follow:
In 0-9 age group
1st place Emmanuel Eromosale from Nigeria (age 8)
2nd  place Duduzile Mahoa from South Africa  (age 8)
3rd place Micaela da Costa from South Africa  (age 8)
In 10-12 age group
1st  place Blessing Mhlanga from South Africa  (age12)
2nd place  Maria Slater from South Africa (age 11)
3rd place Thabani Makamba from Zimbabwe (age 10)
In 13-16 age group
1st  place Luckmore Dzenya from Zimbabwe (age 14)
2nd  place Moreblessing Dhinza from Zimbabwe(age 16)
3rd  place Frances Mojguah from Sierra Leone (age 15)
Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all the participants. We look forward to hear from you next season too.
drawing by Emmanuel Eromosale
drawing by Blessing Mhlanga
drawing by Luckmore Dzenya
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