Cleaning surroundings of Stork's nests

Threats and hazards to migrating birds
Photo – Ludek Culik
When storks are gathering materials for their nests, they may bring back various man-made objects, without realizing that they may be dangerous. Since the 1980s, this has included plastic (polypropylene) string, which is now woven into the fabric of hundreds of stork's nests. The danger is mostly to young birds in the nest, which can become entangled by their legs or wings, and may suffer serious injuries or even death.
Plastic bags are another serious hazard. A chick may put its head into one, and if it doesn’t manage to escape from it quickly, may suffocate.
You and your friends and schoolmates can help by clearing string, plastic bags and other dangerous rubbish from the fields where storks feed and gather materials. If see an entangled nestling, contact your local bird club so that they can arrange to have it freed.