Spring Alive birds are moving to Africa!

Spring Alive birds are moving to Africa!
Eurasian Bee-eater, Venelin Mitev, 15 yrs old. The 2nd place in the 2012 photo contest
The end of summer in Europe is coming inevitably therefore commotion in the world of birds increase. Most of them, especially  the long-distance “travelers” resting after their breeding season in Africa, will be on the way soon or have already left their breeding territories. The African birdwatchers will follow their arrivals shortly. These birds appear on the African sky as the spring messengers.
Amongst the Spring Alive species for example Swifts and Cuckoos fly away early. A bit later White Storks left Europe and migrate to Africa, gathering in flocks before starting. During September they are on a journey, wandering to the African continent two ways: Storks from the west of Europe fly across Straits of Gibraltar and these from the east - across Bosfor. On the end of September storks reach Africa. Afterwards they fly according to their migration plan. Some stay south of Sahara in the western or eastern Africa, others go down, and the most persistent birds reach the south of the continent. 
So Spring Alive moves to Africa together with the birds. The campaign can be observed on www.springalive.net, where everybody is invited to register their first sightings of Barn Swallow, Common Swift, Common Cuckoo, White Stork and Eurasian Bee-eater. Please, look at the sky and all around carefully! The Spring Alive website will be open for the observation entering from 1st of September until the end of November.
Good luck with your Spring Alive!