How to participate

Taking part in Spring Alive is simple and fun.
The Spring Alive project is a simple birdwatching survey. All you need to do is register your first sightings of stork, swallow, cuckoo and swift on-line every year.
Thanks to your observations scientists in BirdLife will be able to analyse the results to track the arrival of spring every year. We will identify the week when most people have seen they first birds. This knowledge will help us to find out about bird migrations in Europe.
How to submit data?
Submission of data is very easy. Go through the following points:
  1. Get to know about the Spring Alive bird species – Cuckoo, Swallow, Swift and Stork and find out when they appear in your country.
  2. In this time observe closely your surrounding, and when you see or hear them for the first time this yesr go to our Spring Alive website. Remember! We are only interested in your very first birds' sightings!
  3. Than go to the submission form (Section “Add your sightings”) and fill all the required fields. You ought to remember where and when you have spotted the birds. When you fill all the fields, then send the form to us, by clicking “submit” button.
  4. Than check the maps to see if your first observation pushed Spring forward!
  5. Tell your friends that they can help us as well.
Do your Spring Alive observations in your neighbourhood, your school or on a Sunday walk
To get the information on when the Spring Alive Species can appear in your country you can get from the section ,,Take a closer look on the species”
or on the local pages of your National BirdLife Partner.
When you see or hear the bird, all you need to do is remember the date and region where you saw it. You don’t have to remember the number of birds you saw or the exact place.
You can do your Spring Alive observations in your neighbourhood, your school surrounding or on the Sunday walk with your parents.
You will probably make the best observations on the countryside, as three of the four species lives there – if you live in the city, you ought to wait for swifts, as they live in the cities.
Than you can add the information about your observation on our web-site in the section, so we could use them to create maps.