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The Spring Alive project is a simple birdwatching survey. All you need to do is register your first sightings of Swallow, Cuckoo, Swift and White Stork on-line every year
top 10 countries
1. Russia
6. Armenia
2. Italy
7. Poland
3. Ireland
8. Spain
4. Belarus
9. Lithuania
5. Czech Republic
10. Bulgaria
TOP 10 versus population
1. Ireland
6. Belarus
2. Italy
7. Czech Republic
3. Armenia
8. Macedonia
4. Russia
9. Slovenia
5. Lithuania
10. Latvia
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White Stork
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Birds - species
White Storks are not usually found in Ireland, except as very rare visitors, so you are unlikely to see them here. They are common in other parts of Europe, however, so keep an eye out for them if you ...
Swallows are small birds with dark metallic blue backs, reddish throats, white bellies and long forked, streamer-like tails. When they fly they can look totally black – it’s easiest to recognise them ...
The Swift is sooty brown all over, but against the sky it appears black. It has long, scythe-like wings and a short, forked tail. You could mistake it for a Swallow, but the easiest way to tell ...
Cuckoos are dove-sized birds with ash-grey upperparts and dark-barred white bellies. They are very hard to spot; if you do manage to see one, it will probably appear just as a dark, streamlined shape ...
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