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The Spring Alive website was made possible by a contribution from the European Commission in occasion of the 25th anniversary of the EU Birds Directive (79/409/CEE):
We would like to thank the RSPB, Chris Gomersall, Lars Lachmann, Paulina Skoczylas, Artur Tabor and Marcin Karetta for permitting use of their pictures on the Spring Alive web-site.

In 2008 MCFEA (Mitsubishi Corporation Fund for Europe and Africa) supported BirdLife International in the realization of Spring Alive.
The MCEFA supported the European coordination of the project and national activities in following countries: Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Austria, Cyprus, Hungary, Ukraine.
We would also like to thank:
  • Lars Lachmann for his professional and personal input into the project
  • Izabela Flor for her many helpful hints
  • Ian Fisher for his help and understanding
  • Graham Berry for all his patience in development of this web-site
  • Paulina Skoczylas for her constant enthusiasm and creative drawings
  • OTOP and the RSPB staff for their helping hands when required
  • All staff from the BirdLife Partners, working on Spring Alive nationally, for their input
  • BirdLife Europe and BirdLife general Secretariat for their helpful advice
  • and Canan Orhun for her great input in the Spring Alive project.

Spring Alive is supported by

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